1. How to use Sunny 16 in photography

    25 Nov 2022
    1. Sunny 16: what it is and how it works Sunny 16 is a rule of thumb for film photographers that states that on a sunny day, the correct exposure for a photo taken with an ISO 100 film is f/16 at 1/100th of a second. This rule can be…

  2. What is an f/stop really?

    10 Jan 2022
    A film camera is a film-based device with film’s ISO setting determining the film speed. The aperture of the film camera also needs to be taken into consideration when working with photography because it directly affects how much light will hit the film, thus affecting the film exposure Apertures are…

  3. 10 tips for film photography

    09 Jan 2022
    Did you recently buy a film camera? Are you thinking of buying one? Have you been using film cameras before, but still think that film photography is dead and everyone on Instagram filters their film photos these days Then this article is for you! I will list 10 things I…

  4. The Joy Of Analog Photography And Medium Format

    30 Dec 2021
    In this article, I want to talk about the joy of analog photography and medium format The term “analog” is a bit misleading because digital photography also falls under that category. However, many photographers still use film for their work and there are some benefits to it! In this article,…

  5. First Post

    29 Dec 2021
    As first post I would like to say something about what I do. Mostly, I’ll say I will post about third personality which is analog photography, techniques, cameras and films used,  tricks or just my humble opinion about this magnificent art until next time… enjoy some shots with  Bronica ETRC…

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